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Each ring is unique. Since everything is done by hand, no two rings are exactly the

I use 20 gauge wire for the solid leads and hand twist 26 gauge for the twisted leads.

I use fine silver wire, .999% pure.

The gold filled is 14 karat gold on brass wire. Gold filled is 5% gold.

The colored wire is permanently colored copper wire.

Rings are custom made. I can make just about any size from 5 to 14. Smaller and larger by request at a slightly higher cost.

Just pick a ring style that you like, give me the ring size and material you like and I will be
happy to make your ring.

I use a 5 x 7 for smaller rings, sizes up to 8 1/2, and 5 x 9 for the larger ones, 9 and larger.

Your choice of silver, gold-filled, solid, twisted and color accent.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

The opening photo shows a 5x7 on the left and a 5x9 on the right.
The 5 is the number of crossings.
The 7 and 9 refer to the number of bights, loops, on each side.

Shipping is free for the continental US.

You must contact me for the exact ring size.
Gary Summers, at or 317 213-5476

Gold-filled and twisted silver


Gold-filled, solid and twisted.


Gold-Filled 3 pass.


Colored Accent Rings

My new line of accent colors. Your choice of fine silver or gold-filled with any of these colors, magenta, purple, brown, red, green, dark blue, burgundy, natural (tan), Kelly green and powder blue.


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Wedding Bands

I recently made these for a customer. Contact me if you are interesed in purchasing a matched set.

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More jewelry

If you would like your rings, bracelets, chains and other jewelry in solid precious metals, you need to contact Loren Damewood at